Monday, October 4, 2010

best blogging day ever!

Today I got online to discover that two wonderful things had happened....
  1. I was featured on Better After! This is pretty much my favorite blog right now... it's like before and after project pornography! Also, as a result I have two new followers. (Hello new followers :)
  2. I won a contest and am getting a box of goodies! I helped Laurendy name a new feature on her blog where she uses one store's website to build a room. I came up with (a ton of names and) One Place, One Space which is now the new name. :) now I have something to look forward to in the mail besides bills.
What's going on at home?
  • I scored some spectacular thrift store finds... pictures this weekend... hopefully
  • I need to do dishes... my kitchen is beyond gross... way beyond...
  • I framed the art I bought, but the mat and the frames are two different colors of white, and I'm not sure I can live with that
  • Justin and I lit the first fire of the season in our fire place last night :) then we cuddled and watched a movie on the floor in front of it. We call this "camping in the living room" and we love doing it.
  • I now have two ceiling lights out and have been carrying a floor lamp from room to room... need to do something about that, lol.
  • There might be some Halloween decorating in my future. (OM-lanta, there will be kids coming to my house! I need to buy candy!) There will be decorating in my future!
  • I'm cold (haven't turned the heat on yet) and my bathtub is audibly calling my name.
Until the weekend :)


  1. congrats Clare!! that's awesome!!
    i totally understand the looking forward to something more than bills in the mail:O)

  2. :) I know right? I already got my magazine, so I've got nothing else good coming for a while, lol