Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Nemesis!

Happy Halloween! Today I have been struck by a sneaky Halloween nemesis!

Some people are afraid of vampires.

Others were-wolves
Or witches
Or even zombies...
Well, my friends I have been struck by a far worse Halloween nemesis! This morning I woke up and noticed that every room of my house has been struck by.... CLUTTER! (sorry, I know, big build up... just pretend to shutter, lol) I'm gonna spend most of my Halloween cleaning, and I'm glad. I love fighting off Halloween villains, and clutter is a bad one for sure!

Seriously though out of all of the above mentioned monsters, I would be MUCH more frightened if this lovely lady appeared at my door.
That's right it's Neicy Nash from Clean House! A vampire can be staked, a werewolf shot, a witch splashed or burned, and a zombie decapitated... but there is no stopping Neicy! And I don't ever want to have enough mayhem and foolishness to bring her to my door! Even though, you do get a free make-over from this fantastic crew...
Who are ALL geniuses! I do not want to take my chances! No hoarding for me thanks. I'm gonna keep my clutter in check. And today is just the day to fight off this evil villain! Wish me luck!

Today's clutter fighting list

  • clean the bathroom (limit the amount of magazines in there, lol)
  • put away my laundry
  • clean up all my rouge craft supplies (it's spanning three rooms at the moment, AHHH!)
  • search out and destroy random trash like candy wrappers (Yeah, I've been sneaking candy from the treat or treat bucket)
  • round up and PUT AWAY all my shoes... oh yeah, they've escaped again... we REALLY need those baskets under the bench.
  • rinse and organize all the dishes to do tomorrow with the hubs (he is such a good helper)
  • organize the living room
  • and dining room
  • find places to put those fabulous yardsale and thrift store finds :)
That's a pretty good POA for today. I started this by reorganizing my tea cabinet. Yes, I have an entire cabinet in my kitchen just for tea. Here she is in all her lovely reorganized glory!
Now I'm off to fight more clutter, ba-ha!

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