Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Thirteen Project- 3

I'm using thirteen embroidery hoops to tell a story about my family. This is a story of the beginning. My husband and I met in ASL101 in Spring '05. I was there to learn sign language, and as he puts it, he "was there to pick up chicks." He decided on me because I used God in a sentence without a curse word. If you aren't a sign language officianto, or you've never watched Sesame Street lol, this is the sign for "I love you." Now, I will be honest and say I didn't like Justin when I first met him. He didn't let that bother or discourage him though, he wanted me and that was that. It took him quite a while to convince me, but his persistence paid off. When Justin decides he really wants something, his mind is made. Although this quality is kind of troublesome sometimes, he has never had second thoughts about wanting me or loving me. I'm blessed that way. I love my husband with all my heart, and this is a fun reminder of when I first laid eyes on him.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Well, this is a very special edition of 10 on Tuesday because 1. It's actually Tuesday and 2. I've discovered the coolest website ever! Have you heard of If not, you should make yourself a cup of tea and get ready to bookmark the heck out of her projects! For this edition of 10 on Tuesday, I'm gonna share my ten favorite projects from her site.
1. Flat Wall Bookcases

3. Benches that convert into a picnic table

4. Clip Art Rails

5. Storage Sofa

6. $10 Cedar Raised Beds

7. Kid's Storage Table

8. $10 Coat Tree

9. Rolling Cubby Bench

10. Parson Tower Desk

Fact: It is no longer Tuesday. I can't believe this site has FREE PLANS to build all this (AND TONS MORE) furniture!!! Grab yourself a cup of tea and a snack cuz this is definitely a site worth browsing!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I did something

See ripping off the "too many projects band-aid" did some good! I hung art... lots ans lots and lots of art!
 Love this oil painting! I picked it up at the thrift store by my work for a whopping $5. It's so pretty!

 My first gallery wall. It still needs 1. photos in four of the frames and 2. something on the far right.
 I'm happy with it... just gotta tone down that bright gold frame...

 I love these silly 60's mushrooms. Got the set for a $1. Everyone has been making fun of me for them, but I dig them.
Journey has been my happy "helper" all morning. Notice how she's laying right in the middle of everything. Par for the course, lol. She's always in the way right next to me because she's a pain in the butt she loves me.

Time to face it...

It's time for me to face the amount of projects I have... mostly so I can start getting them done!

In no particular order...
  • fix my Danish modern chair, and reupholster the set
  • do something with those freebie chairs
  • work on the mirror from that same post while I'm at it
  • hang art... some much art to hang...
  • do something with the geese art
  • work on the 13 project (no I haven't forgotten... just need some inspiration)
  • finish up my planters- add the quotes or stenciling
  • get rid of junk... we've still got a bunch of junk... need to do a donation
  • put my dining room hutch display back together
  • gut the record player and put my ipod in
  • build some shelves for next to the record player
  • make a summer pillow case (still have my winter case on the pillow... oh wait! it's summer underneath! I'll just go take off the pillow case... ok, well this is done :)
  • hang dining room curtains... correction, buy a curtain rod, hang that, then hang the curtains, lol
  • get new shades for the guest bedroom, and fabulize them
  • make a cover for Journey's kennel (it's an eyesore)
  • mod podge something
  • OOOO! build my new side table! (I found an awesome slab o' tree for $1 thrifting, more on that later)
  • make a summer afghan for the living room
  • upcycle the big stick (it's an 8-10 foot limb that fell during the storms) into more jewelry storage... yes more :)
ugh! That hurt a bit... and I'm sure I'm forgetting at least five more... but now the band-aid is ripped off. I need to get busy. At least this way I have a check list. I'm gonna try to pick one for this weekend. It's raining though, so I'm stuck inside... but I can do something, and I will :)

What do you need to get done???

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Arrrggg! Swag and Bootie!

Um, I love pirates, but seriously who doesn't? (I know ninjas... pfff) I did awesome at the town wide yard sale this year. Also Marissa was having their town yard sale too, which I hit with my friend April. Yay! Good day!

Here's my loot!
 Such a cute monkey :) I got it for my pre-K class. 25 cents
 It sucks it's little monkey thumb :)
 The boys in my class are gonna love this little two car race-way. $1
 Huge mid-century 3D goose art. My husband and I'd first "date" we ended up feeding the geese at a local cemetery. We spent a lot of time there. We even named some of the geese. This is definitely going to tun into a before and after project. But for $2 it's got good bones, and it's huge. It'll be the perfect start to the art gallery wall over our fire place.
 This is a llama/alpaca alarm clock. It's bright yellow and fuchsia. It was 5 cents, lol, otherwise I would have passed it up. 
 Hello blue vintage suit case, nice to meet you...
 You're name is Howie? You're only 50 cents. Well Howie, I know this is sudden but I love you and I think you should move in with me.
 This is a Christmas tree bag.
 Admittedly not all that exciting, but it has wheels. Also it will clear out the giant tote I'm currently keeping my tree in. This bag is so big I can probably fit all three of my trees in it. $2
 Brand new, never been used blender $2... "if you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain..."

 Oh-my-lanta!!! It's a fire station doll house! AND here it is on Ebay for $70. I bought it for $10. My hubs is in EMS. He thought it was cute too. My uterus seriously just skipped a beat, lol.
 There's a truck, ladder, and a pole.
 There's a table, chairs, lockers, shelf, and fire extinguisher :) P.S. the fire fighter on the right is a girl.
 There's a bunk bed, fire dog, and computer thing.
 Here's the bay.
 Here's the door. Seriously, sooooo cute! I love doll houses, and it's super hard to find cute ones for boys. Not that we have any boys, but we both want a house full of boys, lol.

AND, and! I found a little record player!
 It's itty bitty, and sooo classically mid-century.
 Sadly the record player part doesn't work. I might look into fixing it, but I might also just put our Ipod docking station in there. Then we don't have to worry about storing records. It'll have the charm without the fuss :) $4

The front is a bit beat up, but I think I can replace this easily enough. I'm really considering just putting the Ipod and maybe a little AM/FM radio inside this. Anyone know how hard/expensive it is to fix a broken record player?

My total spent today was - $23.80 (not pictured are 4 yard stakes I got for 50 cents each... but those are going up front with my new bushes. I put some white fencing around them, but I will show you that another day :) Not too shabby huh?

this is so true...

This was a good reminder to wake up to this morning. I've got lots and lots of work ahead of me. In my regular life and working on our house. It's looking like I am going to have to go back to school to get the certification I need, bah! And here's the list of projects we have to get done on the house this summer.
  • MY BATHROOM! (I've had enough of sitting in the upstairs tub using the old lady hose to shower or going to the dark, scary basement to the "mission" shower where there are bugs... so many bugs.)
  • Paint the exterior
  • Redo the window wells
  • Redo the fuse box so we can hook up a dish washer and my washer and drier. (No more laundry mat!)
  • Paint and put up the trim.
  • there's gotta be more, but I am blanking... as if this isn't enough, lol
BUT, we are getting there. Soon we'll have our
(P.S. this is a print and I want it)

Today is the town wide yardsale... If I get any good swag, I'll be sure to post pictures :) Last year I got a bunch of goodies. It's raining though, so I don't know how lucky I'll be today.