Saturday, June 2, 2012

21 songs in 21 minutes... I hope!

Well, I should have known better than trying to do one of those 25 day commitment things right now. Life is nuts again... I'm trying to push through. Today is a day to get things finished, like...
  • the laundry
  • one of my book ideas
  • my resume
  • and of course, this music thinger (I haven't forgotten you!)
day 5- a song that is often stuck in my head- Wallace and Gromit Theme Song
 This is pretty much my happy song... if I'm in a good mood, I kinda march around humming it, lol.

day 6- a song that reminds you of your best friend- Keep Fishing, Weezer cover by Julia Nunes

Thanks Tara for the exposure to life, lol.

day 7- a song that reminds you of the past summer *edit* a song that reminds me of the best summer ever- Suds in the Bucket, Sara Evans
WHAT WHAT! Dr. Who!!!

day 8- a song that reminds you of your first "love"- Crazy for this Girl, Evan and Jaron
Holy crap, I'm old. (I used to sing crazy for this boy, with my friend Lori... turned out we were both singing about the same guy. He dated both of us... ahhhh, junior high, lol.)

day 9- a song that makes you hopeful- Dog Days are Over, Florence + the Machine

day 10- a song by your favorite band- Don't Stop Me Now, Queen

day 11- a song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie- Hedwig's Theme, John Williams

day 12- the last song you heard- Pizza, Julia Nunes

day 13- a song that reminds you of a former friend

day 14- a song that reminds you of your husband-  Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People
Justin loves this song right now.

day 15- a song you love singing along to- Ain't No Sunshine, Bill Withers

day 16- a song that has made you cry- Someone Like You, Adele
The first time I heard this I was driving and started sobbing, lol.

day 17- a song that makes you dance- Say Hey, Michael Franti
just try not to dance, it's impossible not to dance along... also one of the cutest music videos ever!

day 18- a song you love but rarely listen to- Sunburnt Hand, Julia Nunes and Danny Tieger

day 19- first song alphabetically in your Ipod- Aberdeen, Cage the Elephant

day 20- last song alphabetically in your Ipod- 8 Days a Week, The Beatles

day 21- your favorite song- I don't have just one... all of these are my favorites. Sorry, I know this seems like a cop-out, but does anyone really have just one favorite song or one favorite movie? There are too many wonderful things in this world to pick one favorite, I'm lucky most times to narrow it down to five :)

day 22- a song that someone has sung to you- You are my Sunshine, Johnny Cash
Justin sings this to me in the shower, lol.

day 23- a song that you cannot stand to listen to- Hey Soul Sister, or whatever it's called by the nasty chest stubbly guy... (untrimmed chest... means he usually does, but didn't this time... so instead of chest hair, he has chest stubble... and that is gross.) I can't listen to the whole song because the imagery is not romantic at all.

day 24- a song you have danced you with your bestfriend

day 25- a song you could listen to all day without getting tired of- If You're Lookin' for Some Lovin', Pomplamoose

So... it's the next day already, lol... BUT... I did get this done, I did get some laundry done, and I finished my resume. I started working on my book idea, but did not get finished. I'm going to need a second opinion.