Friday, April 22, 2011

Eat that tornadoes!

Even with constant tornadoes swirling around my area, I was able to get my project mostly done.
These poor (disgusting) filing cabinets, which were once filled with melted crayons, glitter, and who knows what are now two fabulous planters.
 I added casters and then riveted two cabinets together. They already had open tops, so I used that to my advantage.
 Before painting... yes, I got eager and put in the mulch and dirt... and even planted. I threw a tarp over the dirt to spray paint this one. Don't do that if you try this. It was dumb of me, but I didn't want my spinach to die. This girl is hoping to eat a salad every day this summer :)
 See all that yucky glue on the bottom? yeah, I had to do a lot of scraping.
 I plan on taking some dirt out at the end of the season and painting the inside down a little. But for now... eh.
 I love love love this color, it's called...
I will never buy another brand of spray paint. This covered like a dream! It was pretty reasonably priced too.

These still aren't finished. They need a little something. It's either going to be quotes written by me and my friends OR maybe a Moroccan print OR some cool geometric pattern. I dig the idea of words though. What do you think???

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April showers...

  1. April showers keep me from finishing projects and taking pictures lol.
  2. I'm drinking orange, passion fruit, and jasmine green tea
  3. Today, since it's rainy, I'm going to have my Pre-K class make Easter baskets.
  4. I really want to watch the South Park episode about Easter. "Here come Peter cotton tail hopping down the bunny trail, hipitus, hopitus, Easter domine..."
  5. My friend Amanda is getting married. I googled some wedding dresses for her. one, two, three
  6. RUFFLES!!!
  7. My neighbor and her daughter want to learn to crochet, HOORAY!
  8. My dog won't poop when it's raining. For her sake, I hope it doesn't rain all day.
  9. I bought some new necklaces at flea market. I can't pick a favorite, but the one I'm wearing today is really cool!
  10. I'm going to have to think of more necklace storage/display. My window thing is FULL.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

so excited!

Today I played Rosie the Riveter :) Can't wait to show you what I did, but since I was working on it til after dark, I couldn't take good pictures. I do have a before shot to tantalize and entice you back tomorrow.
I scored these free filing cabinets with no tops from the daycare where I work. Everyone has been eying me doubtfully when I tell them what I'm doing with them, but you in the blogosphere should be less shocked that I'm turning them into planters. Today I put casters on the bottoms and riveted them together. I've got to decide how, what colors, etc I want to paint them. BUT the bulk of the hard work and stress is over. Riveting actually wasn't very hard, and I was using like a $6 manual rivet gun. With a pneumatic I would have been done in seconds. :)

I'm just SOOO FRIGGIN' HAPPY it's FINALLY warm enough to get out and do projects again. I loves me some power tool time :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 on Tuesday

  1. I'm not going to see Mumford and Sons because they sold out almost instantly... boo...
  2. I like this quote :)
3. I am drinking mint tea.
4. I planted my seeds to get my salad garden going. My boss is letting us have some filing cabinets which were headed for the dump. I'm going to turn them into planters :)
5. This picture is capital T Terrible, but I bought these cute little lime green tins when I went a thrifting today. I'm going to use them in my sewing room. Embroidery floss and needles for sure... not sure what else to put in them yet. I love that they have a little spot for labeling.
6. I also bought some cool kids books. One was a hard cover copy of Charlotte's Web, which I plan on cracking open soon.
7. It's past my bedtime... but I want to do this cuz I feel like such a lazy blogger lately.
8. I don't really feel like crocheting here lately, which is weird cuz it's my big hobby.
9. I'm doing a craft bazaar with my sister and a few friends this Saturday. Wish me luck!
10. I'm ordering new shirts for work in fun happy summer colors and I can't wait to get them!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's so beautiful and breezy today! I've got some thing VERY exciting to show you, but I have to run by my mom's and get the pictures. Me and the hubs have to go shopping (for him actually). His first softball game for the EMS league is tonight. Hooray! He needs some shorts, poor man... Also, I get to go to the fabric store :) yay! AND THEN, I hope I hope I hope, I will have time to post that super secret project I was working on for my niece's birthday :) :) :)

I love this day already :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 on Tuesday

  1.  I've been wanting to jump on this 10 on Tuesday band wagon for a couple weeks.
  2. I didn't work Monday because I had to take my car to the mechanic... so it feels like Tuesday. 
  3. I'm furious right now, but I'm trying not to be.
  5. There's mud on my pants because I took Journey for a nice long walk today since it was so nice. She stepped in mud then jumped on me... lol, but we both had fun.
  6. I'm teaching my pre-K class to play baseball, and one of them hit the ball over the fence and got a home-run! It was cool.
  7. I'm drinking peppermint tea.
  8. I just watched some of The Office and Dr. Who... gotta love Netflix.
  9. My last Netflix movie was the BBC version of Persuasion. Waaaay better than the American version. 
  10. Today when I went a-thrifting, I found the perfect kitchenette for my class room. Hopefully, my boss keeps her word and goes to get it tomorrow. It really would be perfect for my room.