Saturday, October 16, 2010

today is the day

Hi my name is Clare (hello, Clare) and I have two problems...

  1. starting projects and not finishing them
  2. and leaving my shoes everywhere (the hubs has the same problem, don't let him fool you!)

(btw, all of these pictures were taken the same day. It is embarrassing to admit that between the two of us, the hubs and I had 13 shoes laying about the house. Something needs to be done!)

So you remember that coffee table to bench upcycle I was planning?? Well, I have priced supplies and I'm gonna get rolling on that project today :) This is also gonna help with the shoe problem because I'm going to put a few baskets under the bench to hold all these shoes.

The other project I'm gonna work on today is getting my window covering/ jewelry display. Good news is I can cut both projects out of one 4x8 sheet of plywood, and the rest is just assembly... assembly is no biggie :) (she says confidently, and will probably be eating those words in a few hours...)

That's the official plan... along with doing laundry... or at least getting quarters so I can do laundry tomorrow :)

  1. deposit check in the bank
  2. go pick up my new glasses (so I can see properly, of course)
  3. go pick up 4x8 sheet of wood
  4. run by flea market and procrastinate a bit (also buy jewelry to inspire me to work on my second project, of course)
  5. cut said sheet with jig saw
  6. find staple gun (where is that stupid thing?)
  7. upholster the bench
  8. paint jewelry display
  9. add hardware and whatnot
  10. put all my fabulous necklaces where they can be seen and admired
  11. take a bubble bath as a reward
This is quite and ambitious plan... If I get half done, I'll be doing good :) now to call my MIL and commandeer her truck!

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