Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm so happy I could poop a rainbow!

This picture sums up exactly how I feel right now!
 me of course being the yellow bottle :) Last night I got to hang out with my friends Ben, Kristina and Jimi who I haven't seen in almost six months! It was so great! We all went to college together and lived together for four years. We were all back in Florissant, and we all kept saying how we hadn't felt "at home" until that moment. It was sooo much fun, and I miss those guys... I even miss Florissant a tiny bit. (not my itty bitty cramped apartment, though)

Another thing that makes me so happy I could poop a rainbow is thrifting... and I owe yall a post of all my recent thrifting finds :)

  1. Tea cups
Remember like a hundred posts ago when I showed the cute teapot my friend Jenny got me? Probably not, you have more important things to remember, lol, so here's the linky. Anyway, I finally found tea cups to go with it.
 Ta-da! I loved this little teapot because it seemed very Anthropologie to me. These tea cups have a really cool vibe too :)
The teapot is Japanese, and these cups have a really pretty floral branch that reminds me of Japanese cherry blossoms. And I was super lucky to find these because they are the exact same color brown as my tea pot.
2. The little owl
 I love collections, and I have tried to limit myself to a few things that I am allowed to collect like mid century modern furniture, tea sets, art, and birds. I've decided that I want to have an owl collection. I saw something really cute where someone put a collection of salt and pepper shakers in a cake dome. Once I get enough little owls, I'll bust out my cake dome :) but for now...
 this little owl looks content living by my teapot

3. funky woven basket

 I love things that look like they have a story. This cool hand woven basket makes me wonder who wove it and where did it come from. I can only ponder :)

4. vintage canisters
 Oh yeah, I collect canisters and tins too. I use the heck out of these. These two beauties will probably be going in my kitchen to hold tea. (there is a reason I collect tea sets, lol, I drink a TON of tea. At least two cups of hot tea a day)

5. My first Halloween/fall decoration
 I'm not big on holiday decorating (except for Christmas... I love Christmas!) I'm just afraid of slipping into the tacky side of holiday decorating... this pumpkin dish is classic and can span Halloween to Thanksgiving, so I felt like it was a safe buy... as far as decorating for the neighbor kids... probably won't get much done there, but my plan is to put out some solar lights along my path, perhaps a jack-o-lantern or two, and a fall wreath. (yeah, I know I'm kinda boring)
Free recipe- mix equal parts candy corn and peanuts and enjoy. It tastes like a Payday. so good :)
5. Christmas card tree

While we are on the topic of holiday decorating, I found this great 3-3.5ft card tree, which I can't wait to use. I have a card wreath that hangs on my fridge... that is until you put cards on it, and then it falls on the floor because the people who made it did not put strong enough magnets to hold any weight about the pre-card weight... ugh! I hate poorly made products. (Oh and that narly wood behind the tree is something I found in my basement and it is on it's way to becoming a really cool shabby chic coffee table :)

6. Art
 Alright one last thing... I got this really cool hand painted tile art. It's about 8"x8", and matches the cups I got last Christmas from my MIL.
 This is definitely one of those "story" pieces. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the language on the front is German? It says "Welcome to our home". The only reason I know that is it was labeled on the back, yay labels :)
I was really impressed that this came from an Illinois native, so far a lot of the art I've collected has been from my own state. (Because let's face it, we've got Chicago and there are TONS of good artists up there!) I really can't wait to get the art wall I'm doing in my kitchen figured out and hung up... I still need a few more pieces though. There will be a "Keep calm and carry on" poster in there... but what color... hmmmm....

Also, and this is only because I can't help myself... I'm going to share two youtube videos... Check these out if you haven't all ready, they crack me up :)
you know you love it :)


  1. Love that painted tile and those teacups are great too! :)

  2. thanks :) I think I've confirmed the language is not German, but it is Germanic... maybe Dutch or something?