Sunday, October 17, 2010

*sigh* I'm finally done :)

I'm so tired... but I'm done.

My mother in law, who is a genius suggested I used L brackets to finish my bench. (Genius, I tell you!) My mom, who's an angel picked them up and brought them down to me since I live in a small town where everything is closed on Sunday.
So I popped an L bracket everywhere a screw was supposed to be and now I have a fabulous finished bench :)
Hooray!!! I looked all weekend, but never found baskets I loved to put under it... I'll keep looking.

AND! I got my jewelry display done as well. (It about drove me batty, but I did it!)
After some measuring, marking,

upholstering... test fitting...
cussing about how old houses are always crooked...
one side fit, the other didn't... awesome... I almost ugly cried... but instead...
I pulled back the upholstery and tired sanding it, lugging to my bedroom and re-testing it.... and sanding it, lugging to my bedroom and re-testing it... and sanding it, lugging to my bedroom and re-testing it... then I finally busted out the jigsaw and chopped off a quarter inch... added all my hardware and my fancy trim, AND WALA!!!

ugh, I just realized that you can see some of my chalk lines... I'm not messing any more with this today, lol. I'm gonna go take a bubble bath and then go stare at it and smile. I think hands down the best part of my day was hanging up all my necklaces on this. I really love my necklaces and it is so cool to be able to see them now!

Ahhh, form and function, you make such a lovely pair!


  1. That looks awesome! And it covers up the crazy window! Woo!

    I didn't see any chalk lines. :)

  2. Yeah, it's soo good to finally have some real privacy in there! lol