Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm an idiot... it's sad but true. When I saw this coffee table I immediately thought, "When I make that a bench I don't want it to have such a big overhang on all the sides." I wanted it to look tailored. Well, sometimes things are there for a reason. The big fatty over hang, for example.
It actually served a function, which I was too stupid to notice until it was too late to do anything about it... All of the screws that reattach the top go in at an angle... This system worked great when there was extra wood hanging off to attach the wood to, but since I had a top made to fit the piece exactly, now I have big old gapping holes. The screws have nothing to attach to!
As if that wasn't bad enough... I had to pull two full sized sheep of my drill bit before I noticed this major problem.
The batting got stuck on my drill bit twice... and I patiently pulled it off... twice... the second time was not as patient.

So I'm beginning to think that this particular coffee table does not want to be upcycled into a bench... I was so excited to have a before and after for you today too :( I am still going to try to get my jewelry display done... I'm not not having good luck and I'm scared what could happen with that... I foresee broken glass... yipes!

Here's my lame before and after shots.
Ok, so I'm really not that stupid... this was a beginner mistake, and I am a beginner. OTHER BEGINNERS OUT THERE- consider yourselves warned! This is a really sucky realization. Don't fall prey to the same stupid mistake.

I'm not messing with this piece anymore today, but it is fix able. I'm gonna have to build in some cross beam supports, which means I'm gonna have to put nails (or screws) through the front and back of this piece, then fill the holes with some wood filler, then respray paint those areas. The good news is I have another full can of this spray paint... yay small victory! until then, clamps! I do love clamps :)

You know how I was so happy I could poop a rainbow??? now I'm so mad I could poop a T-rex!!! (Yeah, I know my emotions jump around a lot, but I'm a girl and that's all part of it, lol)

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