Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Pins Tuesday- DIY FAll

I think I'd blog more if I didn't have black holes like work, Dr. Who, and pinterest sucking up all my time... eh, probably not, lol, oh well.

For this 10 Pins Tuesday, I found a bunch of cute fall inspirations.

1. Hello cutest owl I've ever seen.
2. This cowl tutorial is cool and EASY... basically you just hack off the bottom of a sweater and hem the cut end.
3. I love these recycled leather leaf earrings.
4. cute and EASY string wrapped fall wreath idea.
5. love, love, love this modern dream catcher!
6. I'd need to learn some new embroidery skills... but isn't this awesome!?
 7. My favorite fall flavor? Apples! These "peanuty apple wraps" look delicious! I would probably substitute the peanut butter for sunflower seed butter.
8. YUM! description- Delicious breakfast: Apple Rings Dipped in pancake batter. Cook on a griddle and add cinnamon and sugar!
9. CUTE! and probably very yummy too!
10. Annnnnd, hopefully by our next bonfire, we will be drinking from these (recycled beer bottle glasses) Justin just ordered my first bottle cutter... hopefully it comes quick, I can figure it out, and I can go bananas cutting bottles, lol.