Saturday, October 16, 2010

so many things went wrong today...

Well, I did not get all of my ambitious plan done, but I got half done, maybe even more than half. Yay me!

  • deposited check
  • got my laundry quarters
  • got my new glasses :)
  • played at the flea market (hooray!)
  • got my spray paint, hardware, and plywood (which the lovely men at the hardware store cut for me. Thank you lovely men)
  • took my bench apart to spray paint it and realized it was broken... spray painted it anyway and the fixed the broken part.
  • upholstered the new top
  •  rearranged my dining room a bit (thanks for the help mom)
I ran into a lot of trouble today, but I didn't give up. Here was one of the most frustrating bits of trouble.

When I took off the old top, I discovered why it had been a little wobbly. One of the supports was cracked. I busted out the wood glue and clamps to fix it. I am really trying to do this project right. (you know since people are gonna sit on it and all... it really should be sturdy, lol)

But even with this frustration, I still wanted to get as much as I could on this project done today, so I found my staple gun (it was actually in a logical place) and upholstered my custom cut top :) Here are process photos.
First you cover the wood with foam... I used Nufoam, it's cheaper. (not super comfy, but good enough for a bench)

Lay some thin batting over the foam. This does make a big difference. Don't skip this step if you want your piece to look professional.
 Add your fabric. (try to keep your stripe or pattern straight... I failed at this, poop!)
 I did my far ends first because I had less wiggle room on them.
 Then I did my sides.
I wrap my corners like I do Christmas presents. I think it makes a much cleaner looking edge :)
And it's done and waiting for the wood glue to dry... it's not too crooked... right? I'm not OCD so it won't bother me much, lol, but I have some friends who are gonna twitch when they see it...

woo, long day... and now I'm gonna watch a bit of HULU and make some necklaces. Oh yeah! I bought lots of beads today at the flea market! There was this awesome new lady who had a bunch of beads (new and vintage) separated by color in little baggies and bins. The bags were 2 for $1... I got $3 worth. YAY!

The wood bead necklace is from my jewelry guy... he's kinda the reason I am making the window covering a jewelry display... I buy necklaces from him every month, lol. He also had the hardware I'm gonna use for it. He just redid his kitchen, and he was selling the old drawer pulls. They are exactly what I had in mind. :)

ok... play time!

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