Sunday, October 31, 2010


I finished my cleaning... well, everything but putting my laundry away, and I will get that tomorrow... I've been sitting here waiting for trick or treaters to come, but only one group of three boys came. I told them to take a huge handful each since I had a whole bucket of candy. One little boy took such a huge handful he almost couldn't get his hand out of the bucket, lol. Just like Aesop's monkey.

BUT ANYWAY! This post wouldn't be an Oh-my-lanta post just cuz of some funny kid... oh no! As I've been waiting on my trick or treaters, I've been catching up on some Apartment Therapy time, and.... I found a post about how to paint a hexagon floor in a bathroom!!!
This is the before, and
Here's the after! I really want a hexagon pattern in my bathroom, but the tiles are quite expensive. I'm not sure what is under my huge 70's bathroom vanity, but if the vinyl tiles continue wall to wall, I am pretty sure this is going to be the plan for my bathroom! Hello, weekend project! (Well, I can't get too excited because the Hubs isn't going to be free to work on my bathroom til next summer... but a girl can dream... and this girl loves to dream about how to make her house beautiful for less!)

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