Monday, September 27, 2010

another ah-ha moment

The other day I was laying in bed looking at my awkward garage window. (Yes, there is a window in my master bedroom connecting to the garage! When the previous owners put on the addition, including the garage they just left this awkward window... awesome, lol)

My mother-in-law had suggested that I put some bookshelves in there. I thought that might be kind of visually heavy... and as much as I hate to admit it, this window lets a great cross breeze through the house in the summer.

I wanted something private (because said mother-in-law has been known to go in the garage and tap said window when the hubs and I are sleeping in on Saturdays... she's lucky she's only caught us sleeping!) but also something functional. I didn't just want to cover this up with a picture or something. It should have a purpose, ya know.

Well, since I go to flea market once a month, mostly to buy vintage jewelry, my awesome jewelry armoire is filling up fast. Ah-ha moment! I could make a pop out display board for my necklaces. I'm not a big fan of putting necklaces in the armoire anyway because they tend to get tangled. So I did a quick google search and found this beautiful tutorial which I can modify to suit my needs. I like the simple elegance of her board, but I'm gonna have to bust out the jigsaw and some MDF to make a custom piece to fit inside my window.

So I have a plan... now to get the supplies and whatnot... oh right, I need money for that, ho-hum. I get paid on Friday though, so I'm gonna do some pricing and see if I can get this project underway soon :)


  1. Well, the first time she taps on the window and sees more than sleeping...she'll stop.

    Hey, what are you doing this Saturday? Some of us are getting together for lunch - Mary, Michele, probably Inga. Want to come? :)

  2. I just hope I can get this project done before that happens lol!

  3. Seriously? Your MIL will go through your garage and look in your bedroom window? Crazy! I do like your idea for the jewelry holder. Very creative!

  4. yeah...she's done it more than a few times... I'm not a fan of that method of seeing if we are home, lol.