Thursday, April 22, 2010

upcycling ideas

Mostly Nursery Related:

I lead an Art group on campus, and our art show is tomorrow :)

I can't sleep, I'm too excited, lol.

So what am I doing... googling upcycled projects :)

Here's some of my favs!

I want to make a penny rug for my nursery out of recycled wool sweaters :) I love the white background and crazy mix of colors :) (source)

For some reason these just really crack me up :P (source)

I've actually made a tie skirt before, but since ties are so heavy is wasn't that comfy to wear... I love how it looked though... This is making me want to resurrect it and add a top making it into a dress... oh the possibilities.

OK, so I've gotten off track... google does that to me... before I go I will share one last nursery idea. So far these are the must have for my nursery.

Berkley Illustration- He is a genious... I love all his work. My second favs after the ducks are his skunks and rabbits. He puts up new stuff a lot, and they are all so cute. These are definitely going to be in my nursery. My DH likes them too... our first date was feeding the ducks.

Nursery Ideas
  • handmade toys
  • books, books, and more books
  • quilts
  • recycled rugs
  • bird mobile
  • convertible crib
  • rocking chair made by Justin's grandpa
  • cute storage bins
  • upcycled dresser
  • very vintage feeling, nostalgic
That's all folks :)

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