Sunday, April 25, 2010

if I don't write them down now, I won't remember...



I had two good ideas last night as I was falling asleep. By a miracle I still remember them now, lol.

  1. For my kitchen, I want to make a cafe curtain. I've been playing around with all kinds of stuff, but have recently been really inspired by Feeling Stitchy's Blog. I think I just want to make a plain white or creme colored pocket curtain and then add little embroidery doodles as I feel so inspired. I might make the doodles tell the story of our house, our love, and our future kids. So I'll stitch important dates, pictures, quotes, and memories. I like the idea that it will be an ever changing curtain, and it will make me happy to have something so sentimental in my kitchen. It's gonna be kinda like a embroidered curtain scrapbook :)
    *I may or may not use the little boxes... I like the idea of a more organic and free flowing curtain.
  1. I have a "Florida Water Birds" poster that used to be my Grandma Hilda's. It hung over her hat rack. She would always make us grab a hat to wear to the beach... she had a ton of hats, but they were all kinda old ladyish, so I hated wearing them. I would do anything to go to the beach though, so I would just grin and bear it. Grandma's house was full of wonderful things. She had that "museum of natural history" style that's so hot right now down. She had pinned butterflies, jar collections, and picture books everywhere. I loved that about her house. I'm so glad to have this poster because it reminds me of all those good times. My mama had it mounted to protect it from further damage, it got a little beat up on it's way to me. (I think it actually looks even cooler now.)
BUT ANYWAY, the idea! Recently I acquired this huge print and frame. I have been looking for

a frame big enough to put my poster in for a while now... and this one is big enough... and a little too big...

I was pondering where I would go to get my costume mat... which I new was gonna be really expensive, but i was willing to bite that bullet because I got the frame for free. But then a light bulb went off. I used to do photography and we learned to cut mats. There are always scraps :) I think I want to collect a bunch of white, creme, blue, green, and brown mat scraps and upcycle them into a giant mat for my giant poster. It looks really good in my head... so after we move I think I'm gonna go to all the places around town I know who do custom framing and ask if I can have their mat scraps to recycle. :) Hopefully they will let me have them :)

OH, and as a bonus, I think I'm gonna reuse the black and white print in a decoupage project I'm dreaming about.... Ok, enough dreaming, I need to get down to business and work on my last paper... *trudges off to the less fun part of her day*

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