Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm really moving...

Today, I need to pack... I've made a good start :)

And, I really need to write my paper! (Also, I think there are tornadoes headed my way... not all that conducive to either of the things I need to do, lol. If I survive I'll post more...)

I survived... That was a crazy storm though! There was hail, fierce winds, rain so thick I couldn't see across the street, lightning, and thunder. I actually had a really cool experience...
source of crazy pink lightning picture

Lightning stuck so close to my apartment that I could actually hear the electrical buzz. I have never been that close to lightning before! It was pretty crazy!

Paper log: Paper two of three is done. I just need to put it in a binder to fancy it up a bit. Tomorrow and Monday I will be slaving away on paper three. I have one more week of class... and everything is due... of course!

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