Monday, April 12, 2010

So focused, lol

My Bathroom:
My DH is so focused today. He is on a mission. He woke up early this morning and off he went. Since I have homework to do (got to graduate), I have to stay at the apartment today. He went home got his mom's truck and then picked me up to go get the vanity for the bathroom. I'm so excited! I've been ogling this vanity since Christmas time, and we've been saving up gift cards to get it, and finally I have my perfect vanity. (It comes with the top and matching mirror, nice!)
He dropped me back off, and now it's back to homework... but I wanted to share anyway :) I also bought some cute hardware for it. This picture isn't great, but it says "hot" and "cold" on the little porcelain handles. So cute :)
OH! And my fabulous mother bought my housewarming gift today as well. I had picked out some bathroom accessories, and she just ordered them for me. I'm getting a cast iron mermaid soap dish.and some seahorse hooks for towels and robes.
I love them both, and they are really gonna set the tone for my bathroom! The beach is very special to me. My grandma Hilda used to take us every year when I was a kid. She knew the names of every shell, bird, and fish. She and my Aunt Emilia truly believed for the longest time that I was a mermaid in a previous life because every time we'd go to the beach we would see dolphins and manatees. One time when they were at the beach without me, they started talking about how the dolphins always came for me, and at the mention of my name the dolphins came. I always loved that story :) I've been fascinated with the ocean since I was really little, and I've always had fantasies about being a real mermaid, lol. Justin and I even got married on the beach on Sanibel Island FL. I love the rustic look of these pieces, and they make me think of all the good times I've had on beaches.

Also in my bathroom is some art Justin bought me on our honey moon. We framed and matting it, and I decorated the mat with tiny Coquina shells, also called butterfly shells. (sorry for the glare)
Here's a close up of the shells. They look like tiny colorful butterflies. They are kinda like snowflakes because no two are exactly alike :) They are my favorite type of shell.
Obviously, you can see a theme forming. I'm calling it "Classy Beach". There's a point where a beachy theme starts to look kinda tacky, and I'm trying to avoid that. (Don't want a tiki bar in my bathroom, lol) These are probably going to be my only theme items.

Other bathroom stuff:
  • I'm going to use antique white bead board where the tiles used to be.
  • In the shower we are going to use crisp white tiles accented with mottled blue and green tiles, called Caymen Dolphin.
  • The flooring is gonna be a sandy color tan tile or vinyl.
  • The shower curtain is gonna be a soft striped material. (probably seersucker) I'm gonna make it.
  • I don't know about the bathmat yet, but I saw a pretty fabulous one at Home Goods.
  • I'm going to paint above the bead board a sea glass or tan color.
  • Don't know about towels yet.
I'm so excited about my bathroom. I think it's gonna be very pretty :)

EDIT: I need to find a new vanity fixture because those florescent tube lights are definitely going. (They are kinda dangerous...) Here are two fixtures that I like, and the glass globe things that you put over them.

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