Thursday, April 29, 2010

baths and books

every night this week I have taken a bath around midnight... I know that's a random thing to start with, but my last papers, homework, packing, moving, and preparing for finals has really been getting to me lately... so my solution is to take nice hot baths and then go to sleep warm and relaxed... as I'm preparing for tonight's bath, I thought I would share a bit about my day...I turned in the last paper of my bachelor's degree :) so good to have that off my mind!
My lovely husband took me to my first #D movie :) we saw Clash of the Titans. I really enjoyed it.

Then we wandered around the Mills a bit, and I found two new design books.
Then I met with the ART group I started on my college campus for the last time... bittersweet. We took a bunch of group pictures :)
Today has been a good day :) and I'm glad, I really needed one of those.

Tomorrow my goal is to finish my kitchen cabinets... I need to put the last coat of paint on the fronts of the doors, paint the insides blue, and then put in the contact paper... Saturday is the town-wide yardsale, so I'm spending the night down at the house tomorrow... and after the yardsale, I'm going to a friend's wedding... can't wait. It's shaping up to be a good weekend too :)

ok, off to my midnight bath :)

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