Monday, April 26, 2010

Trash Love!

So, I've been working on my paper unceasingly for three days now, and I had to make an emergency trip to the library for two more sources and to three-hole punch my project which is due tomorrow. (ugh... l...o...n...g... couple days) Needless to say I needed a pick me up.

WELL!!! On my way back from the library to make dinner, I found these in one of the dumpsters by my apartment!
They are two mid-century style chairs (possibly teak?) that are actually in pretty good condition. Since it is raining out, I had to take a picture of them in my backseat, but since they are a guaranteed future diy upcycling project, never fear, there will be better pictures :) The upholstery on them is really stained and yucky, but I have been wanting to to some crochet upholstering for a while now... so these are perfect. They are even labeled.

I have never heard of Benny Linden Design... does anyone know anything about them? I did a quick search and they are teak, and Benny Linden is a Danish designer... woot! and squee!

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