Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Kitchen

The Kitchen:
I've been working hard on the kitchen cabinets for almost a month. They started out as icky laminate stock cabinets...

But then we took all the doors and hardware down, and sanded the heck out of everything. Two coats of primer later and the kitchen already seemed brighter and happier :)

Today I put the first coat of paint on the fronts of all the doors. Everything else has two coats. MIL came over and primed the insides of my cabinets, which I'm really grateful for... it looks MUCH better that way! I might paint the insides blue or yellow... I think a pop of color inside would be nice.

This is my basement workspace. Yeah, it's dreary... but it was too cold and wet when I started to paint outside.

There will be pictures soon of the new color. It's called "Alpaca" and it's a tanish creme color.

In the works
  • paint the insides of the cabinets
  • put the cabinets back together
  • find some contact paper I can live with (I HATE contact paper but the former owner had it, and the shelves are all nasty and sticky, and I can't get them clean... I feel I have no choice... unless someone has an idea!? I'm open to ideas!)
  • sand, prime, and paint the yellow and black tiles
  • paint the accent wall
  • lay down the tiles for the floor
  • find inexpensive pulls and cups (or spray paint the old ones)
  • make a cafe curtain
  • make recycling bin
  • and a thousand other things, lol


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and now green with envy! How exciting to be "going light" in the kitchen. I have been on my fiance's case about doing it, ourselves, but unfortunately we're renters and not sure they'd be pleased!! Can't wait to see the finished product:)

  2. Thanks :) I've only ever rented before, so I've never really had the chance to do all the things I wanted. I'm gonna go crazy and do everything I want now. (I totally know how renting is though.)