Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Pins Tuesday

Yay, 10 Pins Tuesday again! Let's get to it!!! This time I did all things that I love.

1. I love to crochet. Drawing from Obey Crochet... so many more funny ones.

2. Glasses :) worn them since Kindergarten. These are from Warby Parker, which is the Tom's Shoes of glasses. You buy a pair, they donate a pair.

3. Graffiti- This is street art from London.

4. Owls- I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to my owl love. This picture makes me fantasize about being a character in Harry Potter. I would soooo have an owl.
5. Monsters- I also have a board devoted to my monster love... this guy is the cutest!

6. Mermaids- Yep, you guessed it, I have a whole board for mermaids too. This one is from a vintage Golden Book version of the Little Mermaid.

7. I love this porch with it's awesome custom made slats.(I was kinda thinking something like this for our back yard...)

8. Make your own granola bars. I've really been loving granola bars lately especially Cliff bars... yummy.

9. White ink tattoos... seriously magical!

10. And THIS!
 See? Other people love their dogs as much as me, lol. (P.S. a not-funny from this morning... Journey ran away, but Justin was able to get her home. She almost got hit by a car for real though, and I'm still all shook up about it.)


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