Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Pins Tuesday- Inspirational

Sometimes pinterest can be so inspiring. I picked ten pins that really make me want to do or be or grow or sit and contemplate my existence.

1. This video makes me want to sing in a choir again. I miss those days! Seriously, just take the 8 minutes and watch it all. It's really well done.

2. This drawing makes me want to crochet. (a lot!) I've been crocheting again. I'm really pushing myself to get my spring/summer afghan done.

3. This pillow makes me want to embroider... but I'm too busy crocheting right now, lol.

 4.  This stencil makes me want to finish and paint my bathroom.

5. This makes me want to transform that ganky pallet in our garage into a herb garden.

6. This makes me want to pimp out an adult space in our back or front yard. Seriously, couldn't you just read and drink wine there for hours???

7. This makes me want to paint our coffee table bright yellow. (I'm kinda a chicken though... I sneak in my color in little bits. BUT I love this colorful coffee table)

8. This makes me want to be that artist I always wanted to be. I need some wealthy patrons to pay me to go walk in circles in the snow and make art. This is so cool... I die!

9. This makes me want to stand by the sea and soak in how small I am and how big God is.

10. This makes me want to paint. (I've tried a copy with water colors, but they were not the correct medium. I need to use acrylics the next time I try it.)

So there ya go! Be Inspired! Go, do, make, be, sit and contemplate!

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