Monday, April 23, 2012

25 songs, 25 days- days 2-3

day 2- a song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend Maroon 5 This Love

The last boy I dated before Justin was a total loser, and this was our song. It's actually strangely prophetic, "kept playing love like it was just a game pretending to feel the same." We were together almost a year, and I loved him. At the end of our relationship, when I broke up with him for cheating on me with his best-friend's little sister (she was like 15, the sicko) he told me he never loved me, or even liked me for that matter. He was only with me because he had nothing better to do. Cute, right? Yeah it sucked. BUT then I met Justin, and he loved me and still loves me more than anyone has ever loved me. Justin loves me so much it eclipses all the hurt and ugliness the total losers of my past inflicted. I'm not bitter about it anymore because it honestly doesn't matter. I don't ever think about him or what he did. Why would I? I'm happily married and settled :) Then I do a fun 25 days of songs thing, and it pops up. I was going to be snarky and put up Alkaline Trio's Stupid Kid, but this is the only song that truly makes me think of him. Don't try to avoid or outrun your past, learn from it and put it behind you.

day 3- a song that reminds you of one/both of your parents Barenaked Ladies- Big Bang Theme

It's very rare that I can find something my parents, who've been divorced for as long as I can remember, agree on. BUT, they are both in love with that great unifier of mankind, our mutual love of Big Bang. Seriously, who among you didn't shed a tear when Sheldon hugged Penny? And who among you doesn't sing soft kitty to yourself every now and then? BAZINGA! You are part of the cult, embrace it! I can talk to both of my parents about Big Bang. Plus it's a three-fer because my step-mom loves it too. (My dad and step-mom have homemade pizza and Big Bang rerun dates once a week. How cute right?)

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