Saturday, April 21, 2012

25 Songs, 25 Days- day 1

Look what I just found!

Who's with me? I'm going to go on and start.

 day 1-There's an Alligator in the Elevator by Rick Charette

There used to be a radio station called Planet Fun, which was replaced by Radio Disney forever ago, but when I was a kid Planet Fun was always on. My sister and I used to record our own cassette tape (yeah, old school) radio programs. We'd pretend to be DJ's and introduce songs, then put two radios side by side and record the songs. Mom came in and ruined our productions a few times telling us to turn the radio down, and we'd say, "MMMMOOOOOMMMM! We're recording, shhhhh!" You can still here it on some of the tapes. Good times. This was one of the songs I loved from Planet Fun because seriously, what's not to love? "There's an alligator in the elevator, I can't believe what I see! There's and alligator in the elevator and he's makin' eyes at me...."

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