Tuesday, September 7, 2010

so happy!

So, you all may remember I went to bed last night less than thrilled with craigslist, well guess what I found this morning on the way to work? (I pass a pretty awesome thrift store everyday on my way to and from work... I'm not sure if this is good for me, lol)

I found the retro coffee table that will be my new bench! Imagine my surprise as I was driving by Nice Twice this morning and saw exactly the piece I was dreaming about. It's super long too, probably right at six feet. And best of all! I got this for $5! (I also had to buy two wing-nuts, which cost me 50 cents) EAT THAT CRAIGSLIST OVER-PRICERS! You can keep your $100 coffee tables!

I am going to have to wait til this weekend to sand, prime, and paint this puppy, but I couldn't help doing a little bit of work on it today.
I removed the handle on the front because it was for a fake drawer. Fake drawers and fake pockets on womens pants, just about the two most annoying things ever! So good-bye handle, and hello interesting checkerboard detailing... I need to search for some fabric now... I'm gonna check my stash, but I'm pretty sure I don't have what I want. I'm thinking about using a "penny rug" and some huge covered buttons perhaps. Maybe gray wool, with lime green piping, mismatched buttons for tufting, and paint the base blue? so many, many options! Now I have the piece I can really start letting my creative juices flow.
It's even like the perfect scale for my big window... Oh I am so happy!


  1. What a great deal! I would hate the idea of paying $100 for something second-hand.

  2. yeah, unless it was something super rare like an Eames lounger... but seriously, used 80's coffee tables? no one would pay $100 for those, lol