Monday, September 27, 2010

I need a 10 step program!

Why do you ask? Every time I see something free I want it. Even if it's ugly, I hate it, or I definitely don't need it... I just want it because it's free. Last weekend, was flea market weekend. I LOVE FLEA MARKET WEEKEND!!! I allow myself a budget of $15 (usually) and buy books, vintage jewelry, and stuff for my house. And man did I get a good haul last time :) I should really start posting pictures of my purchases... but I'm digressing from the point of this post, mostly because I'm a bit ashamed of myself, lol. On the way back from flea market I saw these.
Now you need the details... It was raining all day and we were in my mom's tiny little car. (Don't ask me the make, I'm one of "those" girls who would say, "uh, it's silver" lol) My mom was in the middle of telling me a story about some crazy lady at her work and we passed these chairs in some guy's yard. I interrupted, "Were those chairs free? Could you read the sign???" She said she missed them and asked if she should turn around, and I was like "Of course!" So she did (thanks mom) and there they were. Two vintage side chairs, soaked by the rain, but otherwise in good condition, and I swear I could audibly hear them saying "take us home, Clare, take us home!" And to make matters worse, the home-owner (a very nice man) came outside, into the rain to ask if I wanted help loading them in the car... Well after some pushing, shoving, and stuffing we managed to make them both fit in the backseat.
You may be thinking, what's the problem here, those chairs are kinda cool. And indeed they are, but I don't need anymore projects! lol! But I look at these chairs and they just cry out to be upcycled. I think this upcycle is going to involve crochet...

SERIOUSLY! I need a 10 step program!

"Hi my name is Clare, and I can't stop bringing home free furniture"


  1. Did we not JUST speak of how I needed truck drivers on speed dial???? lol - go your Mom for being such a good sport. I can't wait to see how these get upcycles with CROCHET???? You're brave.

  2. something along the lines of these...
    But kicked up a notch!