Monday, September 6, 2010

must find crappy old coffee table!

So, I was searching Design Sponge for inspiration and I found this amazing before and after.

I could literally pee my pants over this! I would like two benches. I want one for under my big window in the dining room/office and one by the fireplace to stack books and stuff on (designer like, not a crap pile) Long benches are pretty expensive, so I have been thinking of what I could upcycle to make a nice upholstered bench. WALA! Gross old coffee table becomes a pretty awesome bench. I even like how they added some architectural detail with little molding bits. I think I will use more toned down fabric and definitely not red... but I will let the fabric inspire the paint color.

I'm gonna go scour craigslist and see if I can find one of these bad boys on the cheap... if not, one of my favorite thrift stores has an attached furniture warehouse, and I will have to go visit Charlie. (Charlie the a sweet, sweet old German man who is in charge of the furniture warehouse. He tells me every time I come that I should be a volunteer :) if only I had time, Charlie!)

You will be seeing a bench project in the near future. The record cabinet project has taken a halt because it has been too windy to paint outside this weekend. I'm bummed because I wanted to get that done today. I may work on it tomorrow night while the hubs is in class.

Ok, but seriously, it is craigslist time!

Edit- an hour latter and I am utterly convinced that people who are posting on craigslist have been getting together to smoke crack! $100 for a comparable table to the one above, and when I say comparable I mean without glass and scratched up finish, but they want $100 because it's "solid wood"... and $100 is about the average going rate for these old tables... I'm gonna go see my friend Charlie, cuz that is stupid!

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