Saturday, September 25, 2010

accidently in love

Today after work I kicked off my new yellow shoes onto my navy blue rug, and instantly fell in love with the color combination. Navy blue and lemon yellow were meant to be together. I think these might become the colors for my sun room or future nursery. Maybe with little pops of orange? I am sooo in love with this color combo, I actually for five seconds thought about redoing my living room and dining room in these colors... but I love my green, blue, chocolate, and gray color scheme, lol, so no big changes happening there. Something is definitely gonna end up these colors in the future though... oh the possibilities!
What's going on with the house this week you ask??? I have a mountain of dishes to do, but tomorrow I want to get my art framed up, and possibly stylize my new desk. (She's still a bit naked, poor baby!) We shall see, we shall see. I've been pretty sick here lately, and I honestly might do nothing tomorrow but crochet and watch Hulu :)


  1. I have those same shoes! Walmart =) They look great with grey too. <3

  2. I actually got them at a thrift store for $3! I don't usually buy shoes at thrift stores cuz they aren't comfy when someone else breaks them in, but these were brand new, never been worn, and my size. Oh yeah!