Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Post HO!

Ok, it's super post time! I'm gonna get this done list style, so I don't forget anything.

  • the finished floors

The floors came out really good I think :) We still need to paint and reattach the baseboards. We are going to paint them chocolate brown. Eventually I'm gonna paint the doors off-white. The orangey red doesn't match my beautiful new floors.
  • the living room curtains

CURTAINS!!! It is so wonderful to have curtains! I got these panels on super clearance. I paid about $20 for all three. I decided they needed a little something extra, so my mom and I sewed on some blue crocheted trim.
  • the living room make over (unfinished, but still looks better)

And my living room is starting to look like a living room again :) No more dining table in the living room, hooray! (Can't show you the dining table, the hubs is working on a paper and wants to leave all his books there at the moment.)

The hubs is buried in the couch watching a movie :)
  • recycled mid-century teak hutch turned bookshelf

I got this guy at a yard sale from a guy who loved mid century stuff. He was so excited that I did too that he was cutting prices left and right. This used to be a hutch top to a buffet. It is teak, and it's very heavy. (I'm not a big fan of rain forest woods because of strip cropping... but this is vintage not new. I'm seeing that it doesn't end up in a land fill.)

This is a cool wood picture of Cuba and Hispaniola. I got it at an auction for $1, holla!

Here is my first shore bird. I love these guys, and plan on collecting them. They will probably live on my book shelf.
This book shelf has seriously put a dent in my books on the bedroom floor problem :) I think on more low shelf somewhere outta do it :)

  • new furniture (and by new, I mean a classic vintage piece)

This awesome record cabinet cost me $2 in a round about way. I bought a record cabinet that was worse for wear (stained and pealing veneer) at a thrift store. It had glass sliding doors. My goal was to clean it up and paint it. My mom decided she liked the glass doors better for storing her music books (she plays the dulcimer). She offered to trade me for this lovely piece. (Of course I agreed!) And the rest is history... Oh, and you will get to see the make over of the other record cabinet as soon as I'm done with it. :)
  • and if I have time my floor plan for the dining room

Because I love you guys, I made time :) This is the kind of desk I want in there. So if you see one at a thirft store or something call me asap!

SUPER POST FINISHED... Whew, that took forever!


  1. The floors look AMAZING! Really pretty! And I love how you keep saying, "and by new, I mean classic vintage."

    By the time you get done with the house, you will have spent, what, $20? hee hee

  2. If only! The pieces I am still searching for will probably cost me a lot of money... but I've been lucky so far :)