Monday, September 26, 2011

hoo hoo hoo's gettin' crafty?

You probably guessed that it's me :) I am soooo excited about this project, I can't even tell you! Let's just jump right in. I'm participating in Celebrate Color for September, and I already turned something in to the yarn pool. I really wanting to do something fun for the embroidery pool. (HELLO, did you see the prize for the winner??? A whole amazing alphabet embroidery set, that I can see myself slaving over. It must be in my nursery!) I love owls, and I had thought about doing a 13 project piece with an owl or something, but then inspiration struck like lightning!

One of the blogs I follow and love is called My Owl Barn. It is an accumulation of all thing owl: art, toys, books, costumes, etc. Well the other day when I was browsing my blog feed, I saw this...
How cute right??? It is an owl by a Belgian stylist and illustrator called Le Point Rose. I fell instantly in love, and knew that I had to make myself an embroidered owl. (I ended up making two!)

Submission 1- Artie
I hand stitched all his details. I used split stitch, running stitch, french knots, and lazy daisies and got something really adorable :) Now let me overload you with lots of pictures, lol.
(p.s. his name is Artie because I watched pretty much the whole first season of Glee while I was making him, and Artie is my favorite ever! case in point)

Submission 2- Hedwig
I wasn't watching Harry Potter when I made this one, but it really reminds me of Hedwig (Harry's white owl). I used split stitching, satin stitching, and lazy daisies... wait only three stitches... yeah I guess so. I like how this one is a bit more realistic looking. AND I love how the lazy daisies look like feathers!

So there's my super secret exciting embroidery project... projects... Please wish us luck! Love Artie and Hedwig :)

(p.p.s. there will probably be more of these in my future because they are kinda addicting!)

Celebrate Color


  1. Oh, good luck! They're both super-sweet!!!

  2. Artie is a Finalist! You can vote for him here

    I would really, really appreciate it!

  3. Owl Artie's adorable!

    ... and I love real Artie's voice! ^_^