Tuesday, September 20, 2011

thank you thrift store

dear thrift store that is right across from my work,
thank you for having great stuff. especially today! You're the best,
love, Clare

Gorgeous Asian mugs!
The best part is they have built in tea strainers. I've been seriously considering buying some online, but HA! now I don't have to! They were only $2 a piece. I made out like a bandit!
My little owl collection is growing.
I added this cutie patootie today :)
And a quesadilla maker, hooray!
True story- five years ago when we were registering for our wedding, Justin and I put a quesadilla maker on our list. Like lots of people, we hacked into our registry list online (by pretending we were going to shop for ourselves) to see what people were buying us. Someone bought us a quesadilla maker, but they NEVER gave it to us. I've kinda been waiting for someone to give it to us for Christmas or something, but NO! Someone bought it, and I guess decided to keep it. Worst of all, they bought it off our registry, so no one else got us one. I've been wanting one for 5 years, and I finally broke down and got one.

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