Friday, February 18, 2011

Thrift Store find

I went to the thrift store by my work for the first time and forever, and I hit the jack pot.
 13 embroidery hoops
for $2

Now you might be wondering what I'm going to do with 13 embroidery hoops, and how it applies to a home renovating/ decorating blog.... well, check out the art installations that have been popping up everywhere lately.
So yeah, pretty awesome. I really like doing embroidery, so I am going to start a new topic in my blog called "The Thirteen Project". I will try to get one hoop done a month. My theme is all about us. I'm going to do things that remind me of Justin and I, and maybe Journey too. I've already started on one for this month, so you should be seeing that very soon.


  1. Love it! Maybe even enough to copy off of you, hee hee....but I would just buy cool fabric and like, hot glue it to the hoop or something. That's pretty much all I can muster.

    Speaking of going to thrift shops... *pointed stare*