Saturday, July 30, 2011

today's thrift haul

So I went back to the Goodwill outlet store today with my mom and my sister Annie. I was kinda afraid it would be all the same stuff. I was wrong! (awesome) Their turn over is amazing. I didn't see one thing that I saw last Saturday. (With the exception of the furniture area, but even most of that was different.) I learned two things: this is the best thrift store ever AND if you like it get it cuz it won't be there when you go back. All that being said, here's what I got today... starting with my favorite finds of the day!
Is it fall yet??? I want to rock this amazing outfit we found me! I found the shoes and the hat, mom found the purse, and Annie found the cardi. My favorite thing about this outfit is that all the pieces are legit vintage. The shoes remind me of my Grandma Hilda.
Here's a close up of the hat. I crochet, so I rarely buy hats or scarves, but this one is lovely. It's the perfect shade of 70's mustard, and it's a light weight intricate knit :)
Amazing wood beaded bag made in Czechoslovakia. Eat that China!
Pretty geometric tank.
 cardi 2
cardi 3
Ok, so these are SUPER boring boot socks, but I bought them for my dear husband. They are fabulously thick and will be really warm when Justin, who's a paramedic, is digging people out of snow drifts this winter.
Speaking of Justin being a medic, look what I found this time! Last time, I found a cute BP cuff. This week, I found a stethoscope (which makes heart thumping noises), trauma shears, and two syringes. There were two different Dr. bags, but I didn't like either. I'm just going to have to sew one that's super cute. All I really need now is some band-aids and gauze... oh, and a baby to play paramedic, lol.
Speaking of us having a baby (no, not yet but soon) I found these awesome animal cracker tins. Annie had the awesome Idea to use them as bookends in the nursery! Great thinking Annie! I love it!
This green army blanket is going to provide the base for my nursery rug upcycle project.
I got a zebra, monkey, elephant, camel and tiny rhino for my class.
Recognize this shark? It's Bruce from Finding Nemo, AND he's a puppet! My class is gonna freak!
I got this stuffed animal for me... yeah, I know, I'm supposed to be a grown up lol. It's so cute though. Apparently it's from a show called Maryoku Yummy which is about the land where wishes go to come true. There's a pocket in back where you can put your wishes. I put in two wishes :)
 I'm going to upcycle this little wallet. My sister does not believe I could do anything to make this cute. She thinks it is awful. As is, it pretty much is awful, but look inside.
It has storage galore and is really clean... the front is going to meet my new friend mod podge :)
Finally, I found a really cute little jewelry travel case. This is much nicer than the zip-lock my jewelry usually travels in. 
Done any good thrifting lately?

I really feel like sewing today... I might see about making that Boho tunic I promised you... or a little medic bag... or both... or whatever I can find....


  1. Love the hat! Totally my color! Nice find.

  2. Awesome finds! I love the sweater in the first picture. I always need good cardigans for work as my work finds visible tattoos offensive. Looks like you had a great thrifting trip.
    I completely agree about getting it right then if you like it. I once (like two or three years ago) passed up on a beautiful (okay, perfect) cocktail dress because it $8.00 and not on sale. I went back the next day and it was gone. Heartbroken... Or something. lol
    Will definitely be back to check out more. :)

    Jess - Check us out if you get a chance, my sister and I co-write the blog. :)