Sunday, July 24, 2011

one cart worth of thrifting by the pound

I'm feeling very productive this weekend. I found my cabinet plus an extra, and this morning before I even made my morning tea (Chinese green tea today) I found a butchers block laminate counter top, which looks similar to mine for $2. I called the seller, and I can get it today, hooray! Even if it doesn't match I'm going to get it anyway because I really don't want to mess much more with this project. I don't want to go to a custom kitchen store and have to wait a month or so to finish this. I saw some oak grain contact paper that matched my counter top exactly in color, so if this doesn't match at all. I might cover it with contact paper then seal it. It's going to be half covered by our enormous microwave anyway. :)

blah, blah, blah... let me get to what you came here for! Yesterday I went to the Goodwill outlet store in St. Louis: a magical place where everything is .79 a pound. I got a cart full of cool stuff... and here it is!

 A cool bottle top and nipple washing cage

 adorable toy blood pressure cuff
yet another tin, I love tins. I use them for tea and bath salts :)
 cute little dress for my cute little niece
 moccasins for work, will be so nice this winter... yes I know they need cleaned
 stretchy thermal purple target top
chocolate brown cord jacket... love it!
These are too extra long pillow cases which I am going to turn into a boho tunic top. (I'll do a tutorial)
cool vase, don't really know what I'll do with it yet
knifty knitters... just because. 
Journey got a bunny toy, which she is loving lol
Ok, this little dresser/end table I got at the restore not Goodwill. It was $5
ottoman. This is an upcycle in the making. $1 in Goodwill furniture section. None of their furniture is over $15, most is under ten.
Now the stuff for my classroom. This is a water toy for our water table.
These little pencil boxes are indispensable! I use them for extra paint brushes, beads, scissors, you name it.
These organizers are going in our art/writing center. I have two there now, but I've been wanting a few more.

All this was around $9. It was awesome. My sister is in town next weekend, so we are gonna go again :)

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