Tuesday, July 12, 2011

so confused... but somputers do that to me...

hello everybody!

sorry, I've been away so long, didja miss me? There are 20 of you now! (does an even number follower dance)

anyway, wow blogger is different! which is good and bad, lol. Good because I finally have a domain name that matches the title of my blog. It's now www.sparrowscraftynest.blogspot. My nest is crafty, so I feel good about the change. Bad because I have no idea how to get to my other two blogs... and I found a bunch of cool DIY's to put on my DIY blog.

Oh, also I found that statistics thing. Very cool. I found out most of my traffic is people wanting to see before and after projects and upcycles. That's awesome cuz those are my favorite thing to do. I'm going to try to get some more of those on here. AND believe me, I've got some projects a-brewing.

Time for this Pre-K teacher to go love on my class and teach them about the ocean, but I will be back to night with those DIY's.

P.S. if anyone can tell me how to get to my other blogs AND/OR how to get to my dashboard I would be ecstatic!

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