Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sooo many cool new DIY's!

Hello all... so "I'll post these later tonight" didn't happen. It almost never happens, and I should really stop typing things like that, lol. ANYWAY, as I promised, I do have some cool DIY's for you, heeeeeere we go!

Karen's coffee can lanterns. Ok, have you seen that Peir 1 commercial, "he has his man cave, and you've created wonderland" where she has all kinds of lanterns hanging in her tree? I want a wonderland. I'm on my way!
Karen's lamp globe bird feeders. (same Karen? if so I want o be her friend) I'm also planning some of these for my wonderland :) I think I might do lantern versions too. These are those bathroom light globes, can you believe it? They look so designer and expensive, plus I'd get to use a new kind of glue, score.
While I'm on the subject of luminosity, check out these amazing candles. This tutorial uses ready made pillar type candles (after Christmas discount, oh yeah) and remakes them into vintage tin candles. I'm a tin collector. I really wanted to make candles as Christmas gifts last year, but get sticker shock. This way I could make them on the cheap, which is always a plus :)
Cookie cutter Christmas ornaments! Finally a use for my cookie cutters, cuz Lord knows I can't bake!
Upcycled electrical spool ottoman. I tried really hard to come up with a snappy segway from ornaments to ottoman, but I'm not a big enough cheese ball I guess. I added this to one of my look books years ago, but I had no idea the image was part of a tutorial! This is a great upcycle!

Alright my dears,that's all I've got for this DIY post... Now I'm going to start post number 2.

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