Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Wonderland (so far)

Ok, back to that inspiring Pier 1 commercial... let's see if I can find it on youtube and link it... nope not on youtube. ANYWAY, here is our wonderland (so far)

 I bought this swing for $15 in Mexico almost seven years ago. I never had anywhere to hang it until now :) Also, I have one wind chime, yay. I want a bamboo one too and some bells and lights.
 This is how I like to sit while I read. Not the best view, but dappled light and a swinging motion aren't all that conducive to reading, lol. I'm reading Wuthering Heights right now :)
 This is the view to the right. It's a lovely field.
Here's the view to my backyard... notice anything different? We painted the exterior a chocolate milk brown. I love it now. It looks bigger and warmer.
Here's a footless pic :)
Part of my tea garden. This is German chamomile and French lavender.

tiny tomatoes and big daddy tomatoes... I'm going to eat you all!
Justin's peppers (he did water them after I took this picture. they look kinda sad and droopy here)
My filing cabinet planters. You can see my cabbages and mints are doing really well. The mints smell amazing!

My hydrangeas are looking really good. I put up a fence, added river rock, and put in some cute little stakes. They have all almost tripled in size, and they are all blooming.
ta-da! This is where I've been until this 114 heat wave swept in. You've got me back for a while at least, but I do want to get out in my swing and finish Wuthering Heights. I do need to go to the Habitat Restore soon to look for a base cabinet and some counter top. Kitchen project :) you'll see. While I'm there I'm going to look for some globes to make those DIY luminaries :)

I've got another fun post a-brewing, I've been doing an inspirational search for a special room in our house.

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