Friday, April 22, 2011

Eat that tornadoes!

Even with constant tornadoes swirling around my area, I was able to get my project mostly done.
These poor (disgusting) filing cabinets, which were once filled with melted crayons, glitter, and who knows what are now two fabulous planters.
 I added casters and then riveted two cabinets together. They already had open tops, so I used that to my advantage.
 Before painting... yes, I got eager and put in the mulch and dirt... and even planted. I threw a tarp over the dirt to spray paint this one. Don't do that if you try this. It was dumb of me, but I didn't want my spinach to die. This girl is hoping to eat a salad every day this summer :)
 See all that yucky glue on the bottom? yeah, I had to do a lot of scraping.
 I plan on taking some dirt out at the end of the season and painting the inside down a little. But for now... eh.
 I love love love this color, it's called...
I will never buy another brand of spray paint. This covered like a dream! It was pretty reasonably priced too.

These still aren't finished. They need a little something. It's either going to be quotes written by me and my friends OR maybe a Moroccan print OR some cool geometric pattern. I dig the idea of words though. What do you think???

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