Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10 on Tuesday

  1. I'm not going to see Mumford and Sons because they sold out almost instantly... boo...
  2. I like this quote :)
3. I am drinking mint tea.
4. I planted my seeds to get my salad garden going. My boss is letting us have some filing cabinets which were headed for the dump. I'm going to turn them into planters :)
5. This picture is capital T Terrible, but I bought these cute little lime green tins when I went a thrifting today. I'm going to use them in my sewing room. Embroidery floss and needles for sure... not sure what else to put in them yet. I love that they have a little spot for labeling.
6. I also bought some cool kids books. One was a hard cover copy of Charlotte's Web, which I plan on cracking open soon.
7. It's past my bedtime... but I want to do this cuz I feel like such a lazy blogger lately.
8. I don't really feel like crocheting here lately, which is weird cuz it's my big hobby.
9. I'm doing a craft bazaar with my sister and a few friends this Saturday. Wish me luck!
10. I'm ordering new shirts for work in fun happy summer colors and I can't wait to get them!

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