Sunday, April 17, 2011

so excited!

Today I played Rosie the Riveter :) Can't wait to show you what I did, but since I was working on it til after dark, I couldn't take good pictures. I do have a before shot to tantalize and entice you back tomorrow.
I scored these free filing cabinets with no tops from the daycare where I work. Everyone has been eying me doubtfully when I tell them what I'm doing with them, but you in the blogosphere should be less shocked that I'm turning them into planters. Today I put casters on the bottoms and riveted them together. I've got to decide how, what colors, etc I want to paint them. BUT the bulk of the hard work and stress is over. Riveting actually wasn't very hard, and I was using like a $6 manual rivet gun. With a pneumatic I would have been done in seconds. :)

I'm just SOOO FRIGGIN' HAPPY it's FINALLY warm enough to get out and do projects again. I loves me some power tool time :)

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