Sunday, March 18, 2012

what a freak!

Sooo, this is random, but I was just enjoying some before bed computer time. (you know pinning, catching up on blogs, etc.) and I hear snoring. I turned around to see this.
 Our dog is a total freak! There she is belly up on the guest bed snoring away. This really cracks me up because, at my three year old niece's request, I brought Journey over to my mom's yesterday for our crafty day. Journey was doing good til she got tired. This is a fancy dog, and she does not sleep on the floor. She kept trying to get up on my mom's couch, which is a no-no. Eventually I laid a blanket down on the floor for her. She rolled her eyes and sighed before she laid on it. I really think we are spoiling her too much, lol!

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