Sunday, August 7, 2011

days 5, 6, 7 (8 who do we appreciate?)

day 5- someone you love
I really wanted to post a picture of my husband. I love him more than anyone in the whole world. He's my best friend, and I'd be lost without him. That being said, the silly man just can't stand still, lol. He's always working, or playing, or sleeping. I love that he is active, but it does make him hard to photograph. You know who else I love, that is always (and I mean always) right by my side whether I like it or not. Our dog Journey. She is a doll, and a very good dog. This week she played, and played, and played, and played with my friend's two year old son. She was patient with him, even when he got a little rough and tried head-butting her or pulling at her whiskers or tail. And as her amazing baby-sitting payment she got a huge treat bone and this loving spot in my photo challenge countdown. I really do love this pup. She's the greatest!

day 6- childhood memory
Every summer when I was a kid, I would go to Grandma Hilda's. The first day we were there we would go grocery shopping, and she'd let us pick out whatever food we wanted. I always got a bag of mint milanos.I liked to dip them in my tea. (Yes, I drank tea when I was a kid.) This is one of Grandma's cups that I used back then. AND yes, I am dipping my milanos in my tea and enjoying it again today :)

day 7- something new
One of the little girls in my class went to Maramec Caverns with her mom. They brought me back this beautiful glass flower necklace. I really love it, and it was totally sweet and unexpected.

There we go :) all caught up. Also, my sweet (active) husband got me some new camera batteries, so my pictures won't be all camera phone blurry and disappointing, hooray! Thanks babe!


  1. I love your dog and your new necklace! So cute

  2. There is an Ikea in Cincinnati also. I don't know if that is closer?