Saturday, August 13, 2011

days 12&13- close up and from a distance

I decided to combine these two days because I am using the same subject.

day 12- close up
This is an extreme close up of the bottom of my vase. I picked up bags and bags of these beautiful rocks along the shore of Lake Michigan. You kinda have to get up close and personal to see how beautiful they really are.

day 13- from a distance
This is my favorite view in our house. This is what I see when I walk in from work each day. (Minus my shameless photo-creeper. I only took two shots before she weaseled her way in. Oh well, at least she poses pretty, and I have to admit, she kinda makes the shot.) I am really proud of my upcycled artwork above my little cabinet. It was featured on Better After. You can see the vase I took the close up of on the right hand corner of my cabinet. It also has driftwood I picked up along the banks of the Mississippi River. I tend to kill flowers, so my rock and stick arrangement suits me well.

My husband wants FOOD!!! Lol, he isn't being too obnoxious, but I have heard more than enough "are you done yet?"s to know I really should feed him. At least he doesn't poop in my shoes when he's mad. (To which he replies, "Maybe I should start doing that. I'd probably get more accomplished.) Let me go feed him. I'm a little hungry too, lol.

(P.S. Journey is a good dog, and does not poop in my shoes. I had a cat once though...)

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