Monday, August 8, 2011

day 8- technology

Ahhh, technology. This started out as a really tricky day. Justin and I went to go look at a new car for me (possible Honda CRV in my future, holy cow are they nice!), and it got me thinking about my poor old, utterly dead, Ford Taurus. You are reading the odometer right. There are 579,888 miles in it! I ran this poor car into the ground. Up until two months ago, it was still my primary mode of transportation. Two months ago the transmission died, and died hard. This car was good to me, it ran long and hard. Parts of it were duct taped on, but on it went. I loved this car. It was a really good bit of technology. I will miss it dearly until I'm speeding down the road in my CRV :)

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