Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time to face it...

It's time for me to face the amount of projects I have... mostly so I can start getting them done!

In no particular order...
  • fix my Danish modern chair, and reupholster the set
  • do something with those freebie chairs
  • work on the mirror from that same post while I'm at it
  • hang art... some much art to hang...
  • do something with the geese art
  • work on the 13 project (no I haven't forgotten... just need some inspiration)
  • finish up my planters- add the quotes or stenciling
  • get rid of junk... we've still got a bunch of junk... need to do a donation
  • put my dining room hutch display back together
  • gut the record player and put my ipod in
  • build some shelves for next to the record player
  • make a summer pillow case (still have my winter case on the pillow... oh wait! it's summer underneath! I'll just go take off the pillow case... ok, well this is done :)
  • hang dining room curtains... correction, buy a curtain rod, hang that, then hang the curtains, lol
  • get new shades for the guest bedroom, and fabulize them
  • make a cover for Journey's kennel (it's an eyesore)
  • mod podge something
  • OOOO! build my new side table! (I found an awesome slab o' tree for $1 thrifting, more on that later)
  • make a summer afghan for the living room
  • upcycle the big stick (it's an 8-10 foot limb that fell during the storms) into more jewelry storage... yes more :)
ugh! That hurt a bit... and I'm sure I'm forgetting at least five more... but now the band-aid is ripped off. I need to get busy. At least this way I have a check list. I'm gonna try to pick one for this weekend. It's raining though, so I'm stuck inside... but I can do something, and I will :)

What do you need to get done???

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