Saturday, May 7, 2011

Arrrggg! Swag and Bootie!

Um, I love pirates, but seriously who doesn't? (I know ninjas... pfff) I did awesome at the town wide yard sale this year. Also Marissa was having their town yard sale too, which I hit with my friend April. Yay! Good day!

Here's my loot!
 Such a cute monkey :) I got it for my pre-K class. 25 cents
 It sucks it's little monkey thumb :)
 The boys in my class are gonna love this little two car race-way. $1
 Huge mid-century 3D goose art. My husband and I'd first "date" we ended up feeding the geese at a local cemetery. We spent a lot of time there. We even named some of the geese. This is definitely going to tun into a before and after project. But for $2 it's got good bones, and it's huge. It'll be the perfect start to the art gallery wall over our fire place.
 This is a llama/alpaca alarm clock. It's bright yellow and fuchsia. It was 5 cents, lol, otherwise I would have passed it up. 
 Hello blue vintage suit case, nice to meet you...
 You're name is Howie? You're only 50 cents. Well Howie, I know this is sudden but I love you and I think you should move in with me.
 This is a Christmas tree bag.
 Admittedly not all that exciting, but it has wheels. Also it will clear out the giant tote I'm currently keeping my tree in. This bag is so big I can probably fit all three of my trees in it. $2
 Brand new, never been used blender $2... "if you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain..."

 Oh-my-lanta!!! It's a fire station doll house! AND here it is on Ebay for $70. I bought it for $10. My hubs is in EMS. He thought it was cute too. My uterus seriously just skipped a beat, lol.
 There's a truck, ladder, and a pole.
 There's a table, chairs, lockers, shelf, and fire extinguisher :) P.S. the fire fighter on the right is a girl.
 There's a bunk bed, fire dog, and computer thing.
 Here's the bay.
 Here's the door. Seriously, sooooo cute! I love doll houses, and it's super hard to find cute ones for boys. Not that we have any boys, but we both want a house full of boys, lol.

AND, and! I found a little record player!
 It's itty bitty, and sooo classically mid-century.
 Sadly the record player part doesn't work. I might look into fixing it, but I might also just put our Ipod docking station in there. Then we don't have to worry about storing records. It'll have the charm without the fuss :) $4

The front is a bit beat up, but I think I can replace this easily enough. I'm really considering just putting the Ipod and maybe a little AM/FM radio inside this. Anyone know how hard/expensive it is to fix a broken record player?

My total spent today was - $23.80 (not pictured are 4 yard stakes I got for 50 cents each... but those are going up front with my new bushes. I put some white fencing around them, but I will show you that another day :) Not too shabby huh?


  1. good finds. Love the firehouse. ;)

  2. That is so amazing!! Wow..Im totally impressed with all your finds and that monkey is the cutest! Happy Monday, my dear