Saturday, May 7, 2011

this is so true...

This was a good reminder to wake up to this morning. I've got lots and lots of work ahead of me. In my regular life and working on our house. It's looking like I am going to have to go back to school to get the certification I need, bah! And here's the list of projects we have to get done on the house this summer.
  • MY BATHROOM! (I've had enough of sitting in the upstairs tub using the old lady hose to shower or going to the dark, scary basement to the "mission" shower where there are bugs... so many bugs.)
  • Paint the exterior
  • Redo the window wells
  • Redo the fuse box so we can hook up a dish washer and my washer and drier. (No more laundry mat!)
  • Paint and put up the trim.
  • there's gotta be more, but I am blanking... as if this isn't enough, lol
BUT, we are getting there. Soon we'll have our
(P.S. this is a print and I want it)

Today is the town wide yardsale... If I get any good swag, I'll be sure to post pictures :) Last year I got a bunch of goodies. It's raining though, so I don't know how lucky I'll be today.

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  1. Love that print so much. Its really sweet and it sounds like you will have a busy summer. Hugs and kisses,my dear