Sunday, February 13, 2011

upcycled winter pillow

A few weeks ago, I bought this fabulous 70's pillow. The only problem with it is it's sooo summery. The constant snow cover outside, just makes me feel silly about it, so I gave it a wintery make-over.
This is another thing I thrifted a few weeks ago. It's a cute little knit top from Old Navy. (And when I say little, I mean it'd be tight on a pre-schooler, lol) I fell in love with the subtle snowflakes on it, and decided I would use it for upcycling.
Here's a close-up of those fab snow flakes.

 And here's the finished project, complete with my favorite photo creeper.
 I hand sewed the whole thing. First I cut the shirt apart, and sewed it to some gray fabric. I used a variegated yarn instead of thread or embroidery floss.
I blanket stitched the edges shut.
 Then I got uber crafty and crocheted 11 button loops to close the bottom.

I'm so pleased with how it came out :) Winter is almost over though, I know, so there should be a spring edition of pillow make-over coming soon. In summer, I'll be lazy and just enjoy the original cover, which is pretty rad :) Still working on Justin's Valentine's present, but had to step away for a minute.

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