Monday, February 14, 2011

All you need is Love :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
 Sadly, I didn't get these all the way done, but enough that Justin can't see the imperfections. I'll fix them later :)
 His favorite color is orange, and mine is yellow. Our wedding colors were turquoise, yellow, and orange.

Here's some process photos...

First, I picked a font and made stencils on my computer. Then I traced the letters in pencil.
 Then came the process of outline, fill, outline, fill, outline fill.... for what seemed like forever.
 It took a few coats :)
But he's worth it. I've never known anyone like Justin. He really loves me, and he has since he met me. There's nothing I could do to make him stop loving me. Thanks to this wonderful man, I know what it is to love and be loved. I never thought unconditional love could be real, but he has shown it to me. It is real. Justin is my best friend, and the best thing in my life. I can conquer the world single handed as long as he is holding my other hand. Yes, I'm being sappy... I'm getting it in before midnight on Valentine's day... I love this man!

 Oh, and he really liked the paintings :) Which made all that work completely worth while :)


  1. this is an incredibly sweet post and i love the art! great job :O)

  2. Beautiful pieces and those photos are so adorable:) Well done, my dear
    Have a relaxing weekend:)