Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well, lovelies! I have some pictures of my cabinets for you viewing pleasure.... so without further ado...





Also, my new fridge :)

My next project in the kitchen is to paint the tiles... they are a pretty color yellow, but it doesn't work with the rest of my color scheme for upstairs. Also they are plastic tiles, so they really don't look that great anyway.
here's a before

I am debating the color I want to paint them now... I was going to paint them a grayish white, that is lighter than the cabinets, and the accents were going to be a teal blue... I just feel like it might be too much white if I do... I might paint them a slightly darker gray color... leaning more toward gray and less toward white, for a bit more contrast. I might also paint the tiles a light blue and accent with a darker blue... I was afraid that next to the green it might be too much color... but I like color :) I don't know, I will have to stare at paint chips for hours again, lol.

I know the wall which the fridge is on now is going to become an accent wall... whatever colors I paint the accent stripes in the tile, I am going to paint that wall the same color. The dh is gonna build me some shelves and such for in there. It's gonna be really cool. I have the blue prints in my head :)

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  1. Aaaargh! You're one of those good bloggers who posts all the time! It's late now but I will come back and leave all sorts of comments. :-)

    If you wanna seek out Casey James, I don't know how good a quality the youtube vids will be but you should watch "Jealous Guy" and "Hold On, I'm Coming" for starters. Do not watch his audition.

    Oh, and Ms. Angela works with me now, and she said she saw Chante and Destiny at the WeFlo Wal-Mart the other day! BAWL!!!

  2. that's cool you guys are working together again! I am so jealous that she saw them, I miss those two the most, but I miss all the other kids too...

    I don't think I will be this dedicated to blogging for long... it just really helps to post my house progress... makes me feel like I'm actually doing something :)